In recent news, because I know you're all interested...

  • Mom took the dog to the groomers yesterday and had to pay an extra ten dollars' hazard fee, because Fergus is a wildchild. When I found out, I gave him a treat. He's definitely one of us.
  • Went to Juvie on Thursday and got to talk with the boy I met last week. When I talked with him before, he prayed to accept Christ, which was awesome, but I had my doubts, because I'm learning that kids will do almost anything if they think it can get them out of jail. Thursday, though, he was excited and interested, and we had a neat hour and a half of condensed discipleship. It was incredible.
  • I'm two witnesses short this term, and I'm praying that God will raise up at least two divine appointments.
  • I'm thinking about dropping two of my classes for next term: I need the down time, and I haven't put paint on anything since last semester, which is just sick.
  • I found out that U of M offers Arabic classes, and I'm thinking about getting in on that at some point.

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Anonymous said...

get stuff on paint kid. i second that motion. also, ARABIC?! way cool. you can learn the difference between "qaaf" and "kaaf" "Dh and dh" "T and t" "S and s" "D and d" "th and zh" "H and kh" oh yeah, that'd be awesome!!